If Our Days Aren’t Merry & Bright, we can Change it

As we begin the last week of 2021, I’m reflecting, but also, as I typically do this time of year, looking toward the future.  I wrote in my last post, how awful that first Christmas was without Dale. I thought I’d planned but underestimated the impact that first Christmas would have on my psyche.  ThisContinue reading “If Our Days Aren’t Merry & Bright, we can Change it”

Embracing our Inner Weirdo

I don’t dream of him often anymore, but I dreamt of him early this morning.  We were doing what we loved together, fishing. For some reason, it wasn’t from a boat, but we were in some body of water where we had to swim around taking a special line and tackle and dangling it inContinue reading “Embracing our Inner Weirdo”

The Changes we Embrace and Those we Don’t

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus. In widowhood, there is the change we didn’t choose, obviously. But there is also the changes we do choose to make and even embrace.  Early in my widowhood, I either read or was advised in group to make some small changes in “our” home, the idea is to begin the processContinue reading “The Changes we Embrace and Those we Don’t”